Andrew (Andréa) Grasso... Vagabond//Renaissance man. Illustrator and mural artist born in Pittsburgh, PA seventeen years before the 21st century. Inspired by change and chance. Informed by radicalism and social justice. Raised by pop culture and capitalism. Currently residing in Philadelphia, PA. Proudly resourceful and passionate about making things better, more efficient, and more beautiful.

Feel free to contact me for inquiries about commissions: agrasso.artistica@gmail.com

“The world is a playground in the hands of a madman. Society needs art and artisans to save us from demise. We are the defenders of stagnation and complacency. Unused hands grow weary, tired hands sleep well at night. Meet me at the waterfront and we can dream of yesterday; Work to create a better tomorrow, and relinquish our dismay.”

Andréa Grasso